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Executive solutions

ESSC Company is an independent company for studies and consultations, our strength lies in the long experience of the corporate management team and its employees. The relationships of the key corporate management staff were established through our working together in various projects at different locations in Yemen. We attained a respect for and desire to operate a successful business capable of growing in that environment and making the world a better place. Our experience in Yemen for more than a year participated in establishing a professional implementation mechanism and approach to deal with the unexpected day to day challenges; our aim was to establish a professional scale body to help vulnerable groups, women, children and disabled people to enhance their living conditions. We believe that we have the necessary tools including good knowledge of the needs, physical existence in Yemen, sufficient number of highly trained employees and most important the personal commitment of our team to serve the people. ESSC Co. offers services to a wide range of the clients who require management consulting, M & E services, and Capacity building.

What we Are

Enabling our clients to make effective change and achieve positive and sustainable results for continuous development.

Quality – Innovation – Transparency - Empowerment

Excellency in providing innovative solutions and alternatives in business development at the local and regional level.




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