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  • We actively work with clients in developing their businesses, AWP, and strategic plans As such, we consider their success to be one of our most important goals. Partners are active members of our customer management teams allowing fast response and cost-effective solutions.

  • Our staffs at ESSC Co. are always committed to following the latest developments in the business and their impact on the work of our clients. Our experts are able to provide distinguished services and integrate professional knowledge into the nature of the business of the enterprise.

ESSC Co. Developed excellent experience in the following mission
Accounting Documents

Surveys and studies

  • Carry out pre-assessment evaluation on behalf of donors to identity the social environment, economic conditions and security situation that will affect Project implementation, as well as identifying expected stakeholders, beneficiaries and locations that will benefit from the Project.

  • Capacity building and training of NGOs staff on M&E, governance, finance, proposal writing, result frame work and management. Overall support and build the capacity of NGOs.

  • Conducting Surveys and Social studies.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • ESSC provides assurance of your business controls and ultimately meets organizational requirements. However, they are more than just a basic compliance service, because we understand the need to provide advice to help you develop your business and achieve your goals with identify risks in addition to any areas for possible improvements quickly. ESSC By developing strong and long-term relationships, Will gain an understanding of what makes you successful. This means that we can feed ideas, improvements and intelligence to senior management.

  • ESSC Co. believes that monitoring, evaluation and analysis is essential for the long-term success of any project implementation. Our approach makes evaluation a central feature of the strategic planning process, to ensure coherence and impact in all projects. We work closely with our clients to develop a detailed M&E methodology and protocols to each best result. During the past year we have developed a range of M&E tools and indicators which are designed to take account of context, allow clients to frame the problems they are tackling and establish subject specific measurements of effectiveness

  • ESSC Co. developed experience in M&E projects in the following sectors:

  • Health sector and support the health services.

  • Rehabilitation of schools, water treatment units, hospitals and other

  • IDPs  urgent  needs, policies and support  projects.

Volunteering Group
Brazilian Real


  • There are tax effects for everything we do! Decisions taken today will often affect the tax burden in the future.

  • Our tax experts ensure that you are not only aware of this, but you achieve maximum tax efficiency in the short and long term. They offer a range of domestic and international tax services and advice, including:

  • Corporate tax

  • Salaries and tax pay

  • Compliance with the general sales tax

  • Freeze taxes

  • Zakat

  • Commitment to social security.

  • Audit and confirmation

 Provide consultancy

  • Technical Consulting

  • Financial Consulting

  • Legal advice

Developing the institutional aspect of the national/ International organization, and private sector


Training and qualification

Training and qualification of employees in the private sector and local and international organizations to develop the institutional aspect as the refining of individual or institutional skills.

Preparation of manuals

Preparation of manuals, training and applied for developmental and humanitarian projects.

Preparing internal manuals

Preparing internal manuals to organize the work of local organizations

Design, develop

Design, develop and implement policies, internal controls and procedures

Giving a Presentation

Other services

  • Internal audit services.

  • Governance, risk and security.

  • IT consulting.

  • Humanitarian research.

  • Communicate/coordinate for company clients with various stakeholders (Ministries, NAMSHA, government authorities, local councils).

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